How to Receive Multiple Calls from a Ring Group/Queue or External Source

The Default settings for 3CX will only allow a typical extension to receive a single call at a time. This can be an issue as all subsequent calls will go directly to voicemail (or whatever your forwarding is set to do when 'Busy'). Fixing this is quite easy. Simply enable the 'I want to be able to accept more than 1 call at the same time - uses Phone Status' setting within the 3CX Management console for each extension. Simply select the extension, go to the Forwarding Rules tab, and clock the checkbox for this option. This will allow the reception of multiple calls from other extensions, Queues or external sources (PSTN Device/VoIP Lines).

Ring Group calls will still not ring through using this method however. Ring Groups use an additional setting.

Go to Settings => Advanced => Custom Parameters within your 3CX Management Console. There will be a setting called ''ALLOWUSEBUSYOPTFORGROUP" that will dy default be set to 0. Enable this setting by making this a 1.

This will allow the Ring Group to use the Phone Status like other calls, rather than a PBX Busy Status.

This setting is especially useful for Businesses that have all incoming calls sent to a Ring All Group. This will allow Any user to accept a 2nd call in the event that no one else is available to answer. This is used often in Small Offices, Industrial Spaces (Workshops/Repair Shops) and retail locations.
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